About this event

The Lagos Labs are a competition that invites teams of contestants to develop innovative solutions to Nigerian societal, infrastructural and environmental challenges, and provides them with educational guidance along the path to prototyping and possibly implementing their projects.

The 2016 Lagos Lab focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects billions of smart devices to the Internet and has an estimated trillion-dollar market potential.

Cities all over the world have developed data-driven IoT systems that for example have enhanced infrastructure and security, decreased traffic congestions and improved public transportation.

The 2016 Lagos Lab is the inaugural event - the first of its kind - and we'd love for you to be a part of it!

The Lagos Labs

  • Act as catalysts for tangible, innovative solutions for critical infrastructure challenges in Nigeria
  • Promote talent: We are looking for the scientists and changemakers of tomorrow, and provide them with opportunities to unlock their potential and ideas.
  • Facilitate impactful learning experiences: Through both an online and offline learning and mentoring programme, each participant acquires scientific, team, creative and entrepreneurial skills that are core qualifications of today’s knowledge society.


Registration is open to teams of engineers, but also to individuals from diverse backgrounds with an interest in hardware and innovation. Register here


This event is a collaboration between WellDone.org, Techno-Diffusion Company Ltd and The Design Institute Lagos.


Mentors for this program are as follows :


  • We’ll kickoff the week with 3 workshops to get everyone familiar with the Arduino kits and the 3-D printer.
    • 1st Workshop, Tuesday April 26, 6pm: Building sensors - temperature, pressure, motion etc.
    • 2nd Workshop, Wednesday April 27, 6pm: Connecting the sensors we built on Tuesday to the internet.
    • 3rd Workshop, Thursday April 27, 6pm: Test, debug and make our devices cool by designing enclosures with our 3-D printer.
  • The Hardware Hackathon will commence at mid-day on Friday April 28. We’ll start by listening to people pitch their hardware ideas to everyone in attendance. This will allow us to know what you intend to work on. It will also allow other hackers in attendance join projects that they find interesting and exciting!
  • The hacking ends at midday on Sunday, April 30 after which we’ll listen to the various teams present their prototypes to the larger audience.
  • Although the hacking ends on Sunday, April 30. The product development continues. The most promising ideas will have access to mentorship from TDI Lagos and our international faculty from Intel, BCG, Stanford, Welldone.org and Google.


1st Prize (Cash prize TBD)

2nd runner up prizes - Mentorship by world class hardware engineers